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Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 2:00pm EDT
progress from answerl sides. >> 20 u.n. experts arrived in damascus to investigate previous reports of chemical weapon usage. rebel forces have been accused of using toxic gas. activists are now urging the u.n. team to investigate the latest incident. but in the last two years in syria there have been many claims and countered claims on the subject of chemical weapons. it means that people may never know the exact truth of what happened, or how these people were killed. al jazeera. >> well, earlier the military chief of the free syrian army spoke to al jazeera. over a thousand people have died in the attack. >> the criminal regime committed a master at dawn using chemical weapons in ground-to-ground missiles which, and it led to is thousand 6 martyrs and hundreds more injured. many of them including women and children, are in critical condition. >> well, the u.n. security council emergency meeting on syria is due to start in under an hour. we're at the u.n. headquarters and we'll go there shortly, but first to patty in washington, d.c. so far what noise versus been coming out of the
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 3:00am EDT
. the u.n. are registering between 25 and 50 tents a day. put it is a slow process and there are some people who haven't been given tents yet. but they sleep outdoors. the u.n. agency say they are in sprit need of assistance. >> after that provision of food, winter is around the corner, we also have to think i in advancef winter eyation. >> how long it will be here for is unknown. serious conflict drags on and the spillover into the region is clear for all to see. and that's right. you've seen what the conditions are like for this camp behind me. but there are a number of camps. a lot of them set up like this in any empty space they can find. this for the moment is far from an ideal situation but the refugees we have been speaking to are relieved. if they are here a year, year and a half, that relief is going to turn into frustration, the kurdish national government believes long term there is a real challenge. >>> thank you. >> prime minister kevin rud and opposition leader tony abbott answer, both leaders promising to tackle it head-on. >> if you are coming to boat by australia, pro
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
that the syrian government used chemical weapons. the u.n. condemned the alleged attack that reports say killed more than a thousand people. >>> we are very concerned about the reports that chemical weapons are alleged to have been deployed near damascus. these reports are serious and should it be true, it would be a monstrosity. >> jackie roland is live in paris for us. what exactly did the french foreign minister say? >> well, the french foreign minister said if these allegations were proven to be true, it would be an absolute carnage and there needs to be an international condemnation. he went on to clarify. he said there was no question of sernding force -- sending forces onto the ground in sierra yar. -- syria. he said then decisions would be taken in another way. he said it was possible that the french could react with, for example, the british and the americans, he said. at any rate he said if these allegations were proven to be true they needed to be what he described as a forceful reaction. now we've been trying to get further clarification from the french foreign ministry about what e
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
has used chemical weapons on its people. secluded boots on the ground as an option. while the u.n. has are already called for an investigation. an activist said, if the americans the british the french and why not the russians as well because they too have condemned the use of chemical arms. you remember? in principle, the russians signed the treaty which prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> there has been reactions, turkey's foreign minister said all lines have been crossed. criticized the u.n. security council for its inaction. >>> if such an attack was proven the rebels were responsible. >>> and germany has urged the government to grant full access to u.n. chemical weapons experts to investigate the attack. >>> well the attack allegedly happened in the southern suburbs of damascus on wednesday. activists are saying, 13 hoo were attacked, including children. >>> this video you're looking at is said to show fighting and government tanks shoving, al jazeera can't independently verify this footage. clashes there and rockets falling on residential areas. >>> in eastern ruta, there's
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 12:00pm EDT
council failed to reach an agreement on a response. the u.n. secretary general called for a thorough investigation but said it would be up to the syrian government to give their permission and to continue civility. >> everything that has been said is ridiculous and unscientific. there is no use of that weapon at all. >> both russia and iran say the news of the chemical attacks are accurate. the sunni national coalition has called for an international investigation. today the u.n. will investigate allegations of previous attacks per the mandate. there have been claims and counter claims, the slaughtering of the syrian people is likely to continue. >> and al-jazeera will be monitoring the situation from lebanon. >> we have heard allegations that chemical weapons were used against certain members of the syrian government. russia, china blocking any resolution or any statement demanding an official investigation on what exactly happened in the suburbs of damascus. so they have lost faith in the international community and don't understand why the u.n. investigation team is still in damas
Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of the use of chemical weapons comes during a u.n. inspectors mission. human rights organizations and the international community have all called on the observers to head to the area to verify the information. >> elsewhere, according egypt has ordered the release on bail of former president hosni mubarak after his appeal in the corruption case. it remains unclear as to if and when he will be freed. he faces -- he has only served the maximum pretrial detention. european union foreign ministers have been posting their response to the egyptian government's deadly crowd -- crackdown. they will review funds given to cairo and are stopping short of a freeze on aid. >> we had the statement and even the language of the statement seems like a big compromise. the u.s. has moderated its tone after days of really asking the interim government and the army to step back and try to scale back the violence and putting the blame for many recent deaths on the interim government. this document makes it a 50-50 responsibility between the government and the protesters. it highlights the increasing our
Aug 22, 2013 4:00am EDT
session to convene the security council of the u.n. on an emergency basis late today to respond to what looks like it may have been the largest chemical weapons attack in the world since saddam hussein gassed his own people back in 1988. and looks like is the key phrase here. it's hard to prove. it is hard to tell conclusively when chemical weapons have been used especially if you are trying to tell from a distance. in that iraq case it took four years for experts to confirm that chemical weapons were, in fact, used then. physicians for human rights is one of the first groups to get into the site. they collected soil samples and tested them. the soil samples did show trace evidence of the elements that sarin gas breaks down into over time. and with those soil samples they were able to conclude that saddam hussein had used sarin and also mustard gas, like from world war i, mustard gas, on the kurdish-iraqi population. they estimated that saddam killed about 5,000 people in that gas attack. lots of countries have sarin gas or have had it. the united states and russia both used to mass pro
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
allegations against him. the u.n. is holding an emergency meeting to discuss reports of a chemical weapons report in syria. hundreds of people died in an attack near damascus. the syrian government denies the charges but there are many calls for the u.n. to investigate. >> the secretary general is aware that a number of the member states have expressed grave concern about the possible use of chemical weapons in syria. the secretary general reaffirms his determination of a thorough investigation into the alleged incidents brought against the state. >> bradley manning was dishonorly discharged and forfeited of his pay. i'm tony harris. >>> welcome. it's violent and turbulent in >>> we need -. and there have been mistakes. >> one is a coalition building and how do you talk about democracy in to what he had forth as the leading country and how it fell apart. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, californi
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 1:00pm EDT
in the suburbs of damascus. there is an u.n. team in syria at the moment. they were investigating three alleged chemical weapons attacks. but those attacks happened a few months ago. according' to the head that have mission, in order for them to investigate a new incident they will need an official request from the united nations, but at the same time they'll need the approval of the syrian government. it took months of negotiations with the syrian government before the u.n. team was granted access. sos is unclear if the u.n. team will be able to investigate. it is hard for us to independently confirm what happened on the ground. this is not the first time that the government has been accused of using chemical weapons. but the government has accused the rebels of using these banned weapons as well. a very murky situation on the ground, undoubtedly a growing conflict that only leads to escalation with the absence of solution to this crisis. >> they will met to discuss the use of chemical weapons in syria. the spokesperson said that the international community is alarmed. >> they are aware that t
Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
them about information. and experts at the agency are following the issue closely. >>> a team of u.n. inspectors in syria has begun investigating claims that chemical weapons are being used in the country's civil war. the opposition forces on wednesday accused the government of using such weapons leading to hundreds of deaths. the u.n. team is focusing on three locations. they include a suburb in the northern city of aleppo where chemical weapons were allegedly used in march. u.n. officials say they've received reports of 13 cases where sarin and other chemical weapons are suspected of having been used. the latest was on wednesday. an anti-government activist says government forces fired rockets loaded with chemical weapons on an opposition stronghold in a suburb of damascus, killing hundreds of people. another activist says more than 1300 people were killed. a government official denies the allegation. syria's state-run news agency quotes the official as saying the opposition is making the claims to disrupt the u.n. inspections. an anti-government activist has asked the u.n. team to
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 9:00am EDT
to be true, it would be a a monstrosity. >> u.n. secretary called for a thorough investigation for all reported incidents, but ultimately, it would be up to the syrian government to give their permission. they continued to deny responsibility. >> everything that has been said is ridiculous, knife eve unscientific illogical. we mean what we are saying. there's not any use of that weapon at all. the military operation that's taking place on the ground is a successful one and our forces are making progress on all sides facing the armed groups. >> both russia and iran say the news of the chemical attacks are accurate. it's most likely that rebel groups are behind the attacks. the syrian national coalition has called for an international investigation. they say u.n. weapons inspectors already in syria to investigate allegations of previous attacks should urgently include wednesday's atrocity as part of their mandate. there have been claims and counter claims over the use of chemical weapons during the last two years. until any side is proven guilty and regional powers end their political di
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 12:00am EDT
deaths since the disease appeared. as a u.n. that flies over the funeral and nobody had idea how the out break started. as with many of the communities, death has become part of every day life. but that doesn't lesson the grief. [ cry ] >> his coffin carried up the mountain. his eldest leading the way. [ traditional singing ] >> they have been running for hours. the burial can take place. in villages across the country, this is the scene that's been playing and repeated thousands. this is the latest victim of a disease unknown in haiti two years. >> this death from cholera won't have any official statistics. there's health personnel who know about this or this is just one example of how the death toll from this is much higher than anyone knows. so as you just heard remote villages few people had any idea how this outbreak started even though there's over womening evidence that the disease was brought to haiti by u.s. peacekeepers. this is refuse tpweu is refusino accept any responsibility for those deaths. >> explain to me, t because the families are out there and have asked. what is the
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
and killed 5,000 in the space of an hour. >> reporter: the attack coincides with a visit by 20u.n. chemical weapons experts, they are in duh mass cass to investment previous reports of this. where rebel forces allege italy used toxic gas, syrian opposition groups want the u.n. team to conduct an independent investigation in to what happened in east there. >> it's not if the tires for think regime to use chemical weapons, today's crime represents a cornerstone in the regime to continue the killing of the syrian people. >> reporter: but the syrian government was quick to deny the reports. >> everything that has been said is ridiculous, naive, unscientific, illogical and subjective. we 19 what we are saying. there is not any use of that weapon at all. >> reporter: in new york, the security council president issued remarks that reflect the deeply divided nature of the council on syria. >> the members of the security council also welcomed the determination of the secretary general to insure a thorough, impartial and prompt investigations. >> reporter: 35 member nation have his written to the sec
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm EDT
at the suburbs and hospitals are not able to accommodate the number of victims arriving. just a moment ago the u.n. security council emerged from an emergency meeting with members and said the u.n. needs to figure out what happened and determine if chemical weapons were, indeed, used. john was there and has more. >> the security council met here at u.n. headquarters in new york for two hours. it was a meeting called for by the united states. the u.k., franz, luxembourg, and south korea. the security councilmembers were addressed by the deputy secretary general, who laid out what the u.n. knows about this latest chemical weapons attack in syria. calling it deeply disturbing and said it was clearly an escalation of violence if it turns out to be true. >> we see the need to investigate this as soon as possible. this represents no matter what the conclusions are, a serious escalation with grave humanitarian consequences and human consequences. >> now it's up to the second general and his secretariat here to u.n. head areaser headquartek to negotiate to see how quickly, if the a all, the team of invest
Aug 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
this is typical of nerve gas victims. today this came as a u.n. team arrived in damascus earlier in the week to investigate another deployment of chemical weapons that took place this past march. the u.n. security council is holding a meeting at 3:00 today. if the reports today are confirmed, it would be the deadliest attack in syria's war. the war has left 100,000 people dead. this attack comes one year and one day after president obama said the use of chemical weapons would be a, quote, red line that would change the administration's calculus. joining us from cairo is ayman mohyeldin. jonathan tep perfect man and joining me on step is tamara oliver. i want to go to you first, tamara. in terms of what is happening in syria, it is without question a human rights travesty. some people would qualify and characterize this as definitely mass atrocities. 100,000 people dead. do you think that it's a chemical weapons attack, if it actually was that, changes the international calculus. >> it should be changing the international calculus. just like many previous documented plans. we're still investi
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 11:00am EDT
has called for an international investigation. they say u.n. weapons inspectors already in syria to investigate allegations of previous attacks should urgently include wednesday's atrocity as part of their mandate. there have been claims and counter claims over the use of chemical weapons over the last two years. the slaughtering of the syrian people is likely to continue. al jazeera. >> for more we turn to al jazeera's zana who is in beirut. how is the syrian government reacting? is more and more condemnation comes in from world leaders. >> well, we do know that the syrian government has categorically denied using chemical weapons. in fact, they have accused the opposition fabricating these lice to use it as a pretext to intervene in syria. so this is a position of the syrian government, but when you talk to observers, they will tell you that the syrian government seems to be confident. yes, we've heard tough words from the french foreign minister, officials in turkey, they've been saying that force needs to be used, the red line has been crossed, but we've heard those statement
Aug 19, 2013 9:30am PDT
the word out about world humanitarian day. he's hanging out at a special place, the u.n. >> we're asking everyone to tell us what the world needs more of. >> he did talk to two important people at u.n. to ask them, first off, u.n. chief secretary-general ban ki-moon and chief valerie amos. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> humanity. >> humanity. >> and gives him like cupcakes or muffins and dances with him. >> i like his style. the kid president is doing a great job. >> getting his groove on at u.n. >> it's great. he's doing what he said we needed more of, more humanity. >> i want to give everybody big hugs. am i getting everybody? am i getting everybody? can i get everybody? >> what dud the world need more of? you said. >> love. >> kindness. >> high five. >> high five. >> that goes -- >> all in one. >> at same time. >> here we go. that was awkward. we want to know what our facebook fans say. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> go to tell us what you think. >>> a circling hawk can mean one thing. >> it spotted something that it wa
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 4:00pm EDT
yosemite park. [♪ music ] >> our top story, the u.s. wants answers, the u.n. is demanding access but is getting nowhere, and international outrage continues to grow over an alleged chemical attack in syria. 1300 people are believed dead. president obama urged intelligence community to quickly gather information about the use of chemical weapons in syria. the government denies that they use chemical weapons, but washington does not believe they have the means for chemical warfare. >> reporter: a day after hundreds of syrians including women and children, were killed or injured, a search among the dead for missing relatives. syrian opposition say more than 1300 people died after government forces used chemical weapons in a number of areas east and west of the capitol of damascus. but the shocking picture of the victims have brought swift international condemnation. the french government demanding some sort of action. >> if proven our position of france is there needs to be reaction. what does it mean? not soldiers in the field but condemnation, and i'm not going to be precise, of f
Aug 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
discovered by winning numbers about 1 -- women numbers one month later. [speaking foreign language] >> the u.n. says meaningful as a patient that women in the peace process is jeopardized by the fact that there are only nine women in the 70-member council, a group created to broker peace. there is a high record of violence against women, the u.n. said. >> let's move on to bali would now. secrets are -- sequels are back in fashion. part two of the movie "once upon a time in mumbai" is set to be released. here is a sneak peak. asked the levers -- makers -- >> the makers are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film. the evening saw the presence of politicians that dropped in. they were a few among the many that came in. [speaking foreign language] >> the director along with the lead actors of the film were also spotted at the event. the film is set to hit the theaters on the 15th of august. >> and with that, we come to the end of this addition of "news week south asia." we will be back next week with more news, views and analysis from the sub continent. keep writing into us. i am signing o
Aug 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
as the u.n. in the country, and quite often a force commander from one country haven't reported that civilian head. he see some of these challenges playing out in terms of our effectiveness and operations. you talked about the field of dreams concept. we have a similar phrase. we call it christmas tree mandates from the security council that give peacekeeping awful range of jobs that we may or may not be suited to and may or may not have the expertise to handle. i got a lot from that, thank you. i wanted to give you a quick update on some of the work we are doing in relation to not only how we integrate and try to do things better as the u.n. on the ground, but how we get out of a place in a sustainable way. this has become a big issue for us in recent years in countries like haiti, where the u.n. has gone in, left, gone back again, left, and gone back again. a bit to understand better what went wrong in those situations, where the gaps were that we missed, and why it involved us having to go back. the main objective being to ensure that what we are doing on the ground is sustai
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
that the reports. state television said the claims were an attempt to derail the work of u.n. weapons inspectors newly arrived in the country. twenty u.n. experts arrived to investigate reports of chemical usage. this includes where rebel forces have been accused of using toxic gas. the u.n. team is urged to investigate this latest incident. in the last two years in syria, there have been many claims and counterclaims on the subject of chemical weapons. it means that people may never know the exact truth of what happened or how these people were killed. aljazeera. >> to help us sort out these claims and counter claims, we're joined by nezreen. how do we prove or disprove these claims? >> it's so difficult to prove these claims. you've seen the pictures. we see people sweating and experiencing what looks like seizures and medical teams in field hospitals using vinegar and water to aid and treat these people. it's very difficult to prove these claims, because as we mentioned, we cannot independently verify the authenticity of videos posted by activists on the internet. in the last hour, we have he
Aug 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
clampdown in cairo. supporters canceled protest after four days of protest. u.n. inspectors arrive in syria to investigate claims that chemical weapons are being used. and china and russia continue to battle severe flooding across he far east. we begin in egypt, where islamist leaders say they've called off a series of rallies in cairo for security reasons. this comes after authorities raided the homes of muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to quell unrest. since wednesday clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi have left more than 180 people dead. tensions remained high with a vow to crack down on anyone using vees but he ininsisted there is room for everyone in egypt, including islamists. >> a show of force with tanks now posted throughout the capital. major squares have been blocked off, including the area around the mosque. police stormed a building on saturday arresting hundreds of protestors. banks and the stock exchange opened sunday for the first time in four days, but only for three hours. outside the capital many wonder when things wi
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 3:00am EDT
in syria. the u.n. said if the pace keeps up the number crossing over into iraq alone could reach 100,000 by the end of next month. conditions inside syria are said to be deteriorating even further. the red cross said 150,000 people will be without basic food rations in two months if they do not get more funding. kurdistan has sent entry of 3,000 refugees a day. but that has been wrong, 5100 landed on tuesday alone. authorities have closed the bridge into iraq to try to stop the influx. the refugees are mainly kurds. aid workers say many children arriving are suffering from sufm dehydration from walking in the heat. we traveled to that region of iraq, and filed this report. >> reporter: some call it an exodus. others say they've never seen anything like it. thousands of tired, hungry and desperate people. since thursday syrian kurds have been crossing the border into northern iraq and more arrive daily fleeing from the war. this is norsheen. she fled, and it saved her life. >> they're killing us every day. they want the syrian kurds out of syria. we have nothing left in syria to live
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 2:00am EDT
chemical weapons have been used to kill hundreds of people. now many are calling on u.n. to take a closer look. >>> more on richard nixon as the watergate scandal unfolded. >> wildfires are spreading across much of the western united states. right now there are more than 50 of them burning in ten states. that includes at least nine new once that were first reported on wednesday. the flames have scorched thousands of acres of land, and the fight to contain them has cost already over a billion dollars. we have more on one of the most stubborn fires burning near yosemite national park. >> we've been told the rim fire has spread a little today, but the containment number is still standing at 5%. what that means is that firefighters did make some progress in another part of this 16,000-acre wildfire. so it is still very much a wild wildfire. 5% contained. the local county board of supervisors has asked governor brown to declare a state emergency. they're seeking state assistance. the firefighters today are from the federal level, and what we've seen is a situation called key l 5, preparedness
Aug 15, 2013 5:30am PDT
among rebel factions. the political turmoil has sparked a humanitarian crisis. the u.n. says some 200,000 people have been internally displaced, nearly 63,000 fleeing to neighboring countries. many more need help. much more international support is required to meet growing needs. >> critical sectors have released -- have received less than 10% of funding required. >> u.n. secretary-general ban key mood has asked the security moon haso -- ban ki asked the security council. know who won sunday's residential runoff in mali, that is ibrahim boubacar soumaila cisse conceded. cisse woncate that sees with 76% of the vote. turnout was lower than in the first round. were% of voters registered taking part in that runoff. that is a landslide for keita. now, wednesday's crackdown in egypt was condemned the world over. going back to our top story now. the state of emergency condemned as well, reminiscent of the mubarak era. terminate and france summoned , collegembassadors action to avoid civil war in egypt. more on reactions. house egyptian military move to raid camp has drawn condemnation around
Aug 21, 2013 5:30am PDT
>> two groups are claiming the government carried out poisonous gas attacks. calling for u.n. investigators to investigate. egypt's aid, eu foreign ministers meet today to consider suspending the 5 billion euro package it promised the country last year. and serious incident. japanese nuclear watchdog says they are taking seriously the leakage of radioactive water and have raised the level. live from paris. good to have you with us. we start in syria where two pro opposition groups are claiming that government forces carried out a poisonous gas attack near damascus. they claimed huns have died. the two groups are saying that regime forces fired rockets with poisonous gas heads in the attack on wednesday. the britain-based syrian observatory for human rights says the shelling was intense and hit eastern suburbs of the capital. the government denies using chemical weapons. earlier, i spoke to the syrian observatory for human rights. >> bombings continue. they haven't stopped. this is the most intense attack by the syrian regime on the suburbs of damascus and the towns and cities
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 2:00pm EDT
. the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon has asked the syrian government to allow inspectors full access to the attacks. that follows calls for action with france calling the way. let's go to marianne. >> reporter: sammy, the french prime minister said that force may be necessary if use of chemical weapons is confirmed. more than a thousand people were killed by gas attack on wednesday. >> reporter: a day after hundreds of syrians including women and children were killed or injured. a search among the dead for missing relatives. the syrian opposition said more than 1300 people died after government forces used chemical weapons in a number of areas east and west of the capitol of damascus, an accusation denied by the government. but it has brought swift international condemnation. the french are demanding some sort of action. >> if proven our position in france is that there needs to be a reaction. what does that mean? not to send soldiers in the field but a reaction of international condemnation, and i'm not going to be more precise, of force. >> and the germans hinting at an act of barb
FOX News
Aug 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT
why the ambassador skipped the u.n.'s security council meeting on syria. james rosen has spent the day at the state department trying to get answers. another warning here, this report also contains disturbing video. >> reporter: as the syrian regime assaulted rebel positions in the damascus suburb not far from where an alleged chemical weapons attack killed up to 1800 people on wednesday, the obama administration with held judgment on whether or not the chemical weapons were used. they still reserve opinion on whether or not they can use them. and the u.s. has directed the intelligence community to nail down the facts. >> that means gathering information from witnesses on the ground. it means intelligence-gathering. it means open source reporting and examining that. and obviously, we've taken a close look at that. it means scientific gathering. >> reporter: but republican senator john mccain says he is confidence that the administration has used chemical weapons begin. critics speak out about whether or not he uses action against the weapons used in syria. the president is eroding cred
Aug 21, 2013 3:00pm PDT
quote arrangements that the nationalso under a court order with major u.s. telecommunications providers. collectively, those providers cover 75% of united states communications. the n.s.a. and the telephone companies have constructed sort of a two-step filtering system that means that the telecommunications companies do the first cut of filtering based on the guidelines that n.s.a. provide under the court order and then they pass a subset of that information to n.s.a., they
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
's tommy d u.n. nigan. >> good morning and thank you for the opportunity. first of all i'm extremely disappointed if we lose the 185 million dollars the second point is there's one loan for phase one and one for phase 2 i'm really concerned about the impact of restructuring the phase one of the impact that that's going to have on the phase 2 loan. the last thing i'd like to say is that i'm not a subject matter expert with a bunch of letters behind my name but i can read english so i'd like to direct your attention to page 9 in the staff report. what i what i find on the 4th line. so my recommendation to you would be to amend this budget. can i make one last comment? this board is excellent. it's the best board i've ever seen and you are more than welcome to apply for positions on the cal train board we welcome you. >> thank you. >> the public indicated they want to address you. >> good morning madam chair and tj and directors i'm at her . i'm terry, d u.n. nigan there's going to be -- there also is a great outreach to the people of the community that's business owners and smal
Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
ifill. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, the alleged attack comes as u.n. investigators look into previous reports of chemical-weapons. we explore how the use of poison gas could be confirmed. >> ifill: then, army private bradley manning gets thirty-five years in prison for releasing classified information to wikileaks. we wrap up today's developments in his court martial. >> suarez: a new report says the national security agency can access a large swath of all u.s. internet traffic, including the content of emails. margaret warner digs into the details. >> ifill: and we continue our look back at the march on washington 50 years on. tonight, reflections from one of its organizers, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton. >> it was startling to see so many people come. and i remember standing at the lincoln memorial, looking out. look, looking out was what was the sight for me, because i could not see the last person. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and with the ongoing support o
FOX News
Aug 21, 2013 10:00am PDT
are calling for the u.n. to investigation and there are inspectors there already anyway. ed joins us live. hello, ed. >> reporter: good afternoon. the significance, this is yet another possible case of the syrian regime using chemical weapons against its own people. why is that significant? the administration a few months ago already said they believe in fact syria had used chemical weapons on one other occasion against its own people. think back to one year ago this month the president said two very important things. if chemical weapons are used by the syrian regime, that would cross a red line for him and change the calculus and be a game changer and be enormous consequences. we now have the administration saying a couple months ago chemical weapons were used and notice we have a second case of possible chemical weapons. the question over and over from myself to other reporters to josh ernest, what are the consequences the president talked about? how will the syrian regime be held accountable. one reporter asking does the administration look weak because he hasn't followed up with react
Aug 22, 2013 12:35am PDT
-- the fake idea, i think, is very -- i would be very surprised if it turned out to be a fake. >> reporter: u.n. chemical weapons inspectors arrived in syria earlier this week to investigate allegations of previous chemical weapons use, but today the u.s. and other nations condemn this suspected attack and called for an urgent meeting of the united nations security council to investigate. >> this represents, no matter what the confusions are, serious escalation. >> they continue to pressure the assad regime. we see indications that the assad regime is feeling the pressure, but you're right, it has not resulted in the pressure we would like to see, that assad is removed from power. >> reporter: but the white house has said that before. almost a year to the day, president obama warned syria not to cross a red line. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start to see a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being used. that would change my calculus. >> reporter: the estimated casualties in today's suspected at
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